All the world’s a stage and our new venue in Ealing, Questors theatre, gives you a platform to promote your business.
Glenda Shawley

Group leader

Glenda Shawley
Business Networking
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Questors Theatre, 12 Mattock Lane, London W5 5BQ

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Are you looking for ways to grow your business contact book? You are in the right place. I’m Glenda Shawley and I would love to welcome you to our meeting.

The meeting is a balanced mix of informal and structured business networking that gives you plenty of opportunity to meet people and promote your business.

Our agenda typically includes:

  • Informal networking
  • A networking tip
  • A business card shuffle
  • A one minute introduction round
  • Speaker
  • Business development slot

It really helps if you can book so please click on the link. Remember to bring plenty of business cards and marketing material and your £12 meeting fee. Visitors are welcome to attend three Fabulous Networking meetings before joining.

We look forward to meeting you.

The next speaker for the meeting on 06/05/2022

Frances Nwanodi


Frances Nwanodi
Smart PA


Owning your time

sharing tips on how to gain more time and will propose spending time today to create more time tomorrow

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Member success stories

Angle Glass

Zoe is celebrating ten years in business this year and three years as a member. She credits Fabulous Networking with boosting her confidence and says that she gets great value from learning from our speakers and our business development sessions. As well as the commissions she has undertaken for our members Zoe’s business benefits from our members’ support at her Open Studios and seasonal sales events.

VA Curtains

Maureen has been a member of Fabulous Networking for five years during which time her business has flourished. She is a regular attender at our West London groups often arriving with her curtain and blind samples. Her membership has given her introductions to home-owners who have commissioned her for curtains and blinds and to interior designers who keep her busy with repeat projects. Maureen is now so busy that she’s had to expand her workspace from her loft to a purpose-built studio.

Auxilium Administration Services

Alex joined Fabulous Networking when her business was in its infancy. She has gained traction by being consistent in her networking, not just with Fabulous Networking but with other local organisations in the Kingston area and online too. She has demonstrated her skills by supporting our leadership team at meetings and with one off projects. We’re all highlighting the tasks we can outsource with her clever purple highlighters!

Mandara Wills and Estate Planning

As a seasoned networker John knows how to build trust and relationships that lead to business. He joined Fabulous Networking in May 2018. His Business membership has enabled him to showcase his expertise by delivering talks at more than 12 Fabulous Networking groups. John is based in the Guildford area but willingly travels to meet new people.