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Magikos IT - From a newbie to a networking pro

Fabulous Networking provides such an open, sharing and collaborative environment that when Michelle attended for her first ever networking meeting she was instantly put at ease. While still very nervous and lacking in confidence, the group allowed her to flourish, hone her networking skills and this year she will be upgrading her membership to allow her to speak at group meetings.
Michelle Donoghue
Business Administration and Finance Director
Magikos IT Limited

Business Profile

Business type

Information Technology





No. of staff


How long have you been a member of Fabulous Networking?

2 years

What does your business do?

Magikos IT put the business needs of the client first and foremost and not the IT products and services they supply. As such, they try not to have a product list, but rather supply hardware, software and services that underpin how each business works with the flexibility to support the future business needs. Typical areas where Magikos IT can help concerned business owners include data security, email systems, shared calendars, cloud file and folder storage, data backup, auditing, training, website design & hosting, compliance, VoIP, broadband connections and general IT support.

Who is your ideal client?

Our ideal client is an established business, who has one or more offices within a 20 mile radius of our own Sandhurst based office. They would typically have multiple members of staff and in need of ensuring their information, data and email meets regulation requirements imposed by governing bodies such as financial, medical or legal groups. Of course, while these may be ideal clients, we cater for businesses of all sizes and types.

What are your goals for your business?

The goal of our business is to provide the best advice, guidance and technical skills that is available to small and medium size businesses with internal staff who can be trusted to work with integrity and pride delivering robust and cost effective quality IT services.

How does Fabulous Networking help you to achieve those goals?

Fabulous Networking helps us achieve our goal by introducing us to new people at the various meetings we attend. Not only do we get to meet the people at the meetings, but beyond this we also get introduced to further people who they know and work with allowing us to expand our network of contacts.

Can you share any specific numbers or examples on what you have gained from Fabulous Networking e.g. number of introductions aquired; number of new customers, joint or collaborative ventures undertaken, sippliers appointed, etc.?

We have worked with at least a dozen clients within Fabulous Networking and we also purchase services from several of the members too, from business cards to social media training and marketing.

What one tip would you share with new members or people new into networking?

One tip is to not forget the other useful benefits you get from attending a networking group. Other than finding new clients, you can shortcut your own decisions about where to buy in services from by using members of the group to advise you who to speak with.

Any other comments you would like to add?

Remember, you only need to have one other person in the room, to make it a sucessful meeting!

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