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Auxilium Administration Services

Alex joined Fabulous Networking when her business was in its infancy. She has gained traction by being consistent in her networking, not just with Fabulous Networking but with other local organisations in the Kingston area and online too. She has demonstrated her skills by supporting our leadership team at meetings and with one off projects. We’re all highlighting the tasks we can outsource with her clever purple highlighters!
Alex Hughes
Auxilium Administration Services Ltd

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Auxilium Administration Services





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How long have you been a member of Fabulous Networking?

2 Years

What does your business do?

Supports Business owners and CEOs to outsource their projects and administration to a safe pair of hands. Online Business Management that allows business owners to work on their business, saving time and money and working with someone who understands their business and becomes their proactive 2nd brain and support partner.

Who is your ideal client?

A business owner who knows he/she needs support and whose business is growing and they cannot get through their ‘to-do’ list. They need to free up time to grow the business, are ready to outsource and work with an experienced administrator to review procedures and processes and to ensure they are effective and efficient.

What are your goals for your business?

To support more business owners in this way and show them the power of watertight administration for their business. Empower them to see the benefits of processes and procedures that are at the core of the mechanics of their business.

How does Fabulous Networking help you to achieve those goals?

Meeting business owners and sharing my experience but also learning about other businesses and industries and gaining knowledge that helps me help them. Working together and collaborating with other business owners and making great contacts and friends. Networking helps build your confidence and speaking skills and builds on the ‘know, like, trust, ethos of networking.

Can you share any specific numbers or examples on what you have gained from Fabulous Networking e.g. number of introductions aquired; number of new customers, joint or collaborative ventures undertaken, sippliers appointed, etc.?

In my two years of Membership I have attended 7 different meeting venues many times. From these meetings and referrals, I have directly and or indirectly been employed by 8 clients, some on an ad hoc basis and some for project work, and all from varied industries. I have engaged the services myself of 6 businesses for personal or work-related areas. I have referred too many to mention Fabulous Networking members to others and this becomes a natural thing to do, keeping the networking cycle turning.

What one tip would you share with new members or people new into networking?

Attend many different meetings, be consistent, be open and listen to others. You never know where your next opportunity will come from. Always think about how you can help someone else as your giving will come back to you. Enjoy networking and don’t forget everyone is there to support you.

Any other comments you would like to add?

Networking has certainly opened my eyes to areas of my business that I hadn’t thought about, providing new services and developing others. I have learnt about industries totally unrelated to mine and it has been very empowering and fascinating. We are always learning in life and another top tip, Never Close any doors.

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